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Hair Regrowth Serum Package

Hair Regrowth Serum Package

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Package Experience precise and targeted hair growth with Dr. Hamid Hair
Regrowth Serum Package, featuring our advanced serum and Derma Roller. Unlock
your hair's full potential today.

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    Serum Package Included:

    • A bottle of hair regrowth serum.
    • A derma-roller for targeted hair growth.

     Serum Package

    • Revitalize your hair with Dr Hamid Hair Regrowth Serum Package.
    • Includes a potent hair regrowth serum and a complementary derma-roller.
    • Fortified with the power of plan-driven stem cells, antioxidants, and natural ingredients.
    • Combat hair loss and foster robust hair growth.
    • Enhance nutrient delivery to hair follicles.
    • Promote blood circulation and remove excess sebum.
    • Reduce and stop scalp dryness.
    • Experience the ultimate solution for healthy and vibrant hair.

    Introducing Dr Hamid Hair Regrowth Serum, an Australian product renowned for its unique blend of natural ingredients that penetrate directly from the skin to the hair follicle, revitalizing overall hair health. Powered by Plant-Driven Stem Cell Technology, this serum invigorates dormant follicles and fosters robust hair growth.

    Our meticulously crafted formulations feature a selection of renowned natural actives that nourish and revitalize hair. Antioxidants fortify hair against environmental damage, ensuring enduring health. These versatile products offer tailored solutions for diverse needs, combating hair loss, promoting regrowth, and maintaining overall hair health.

    Packed with natural active ingredients, vitamins, and minerals, Dr Hamid Hair Regrowth Serum is designed for hair and skin rejuvenation, halting hair loss, and reversing baldness. Suitable for all hair types, it embraces a carefully curated selection of potent natural ingredients. Plant-driven stem cells stimulate regeneration, antioxidants shield against stressors, and a complex mix of vitamins and minerals provides comprehensive nourishment, while natural vasodilators increase blood supply to the hair follicles.

    This serum, with its thoughtfully selected ingredients, reflects our commitment to effective, natural hair care and enhances hair vitality and strength. The blend includes botanical extracts, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and oils, ensuring a wholesome and delightful sensory experience.


      How to
      Use Dr. Hamid Hair Regrowth Serum Package:

      recommend using the serum twice daily for optimal results. Here's a
      step-by-step guide:

       Using Dr.
      Hamid Hair Regrowth Serum: 

      Start by
      gently massaging your scalp with your fingers and hands to improve and increase
      blood circulation and prepare your hair follicles.

      Next, use the derma-roller as
      directed above.

      After derma-rolling, evenly
      spray the serum onto your dry scalp and hair roots; approximately 4-6
      sprays are sufficient.

      While applying the serum, use
      your index finger to spread it across your scalp gently.

      After spreading the serum, use
      the derma-roller again for at least one minute. This helps enhance serum
      absorption and stimulate hair follicles.

      A tip: Please do not use the whole finger or fingertips of all fingers or the palm of your hand because you will waste the products.

      these instructions, you can effectively use the Serum to boost hair regrowth and maintain a healthy scalp and hair.

      If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask.