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Hair Regrowth Full Package

Hair Regrowth Full Package

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comprehensive hair care with our all-inclusive set. This Full Package includes
Shampoo, Conditioner, Serum, and a Derma Roller for healthier, fuller hair.

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    Full Package Included:

    • A rejuvenating shampoo.
    • A nourishing conditioner.
    • A powerful hair regrowth serum.
    • An enhancing derma-roller.

    Full Package

    • Say goodbye to hair loss worries with Dr Hamid's Hair Regrowth Full Package.
    • We proudly offer an "All in One & One for All" solution, combining four powerful essential components in a single package suitable for individuals of all genders, spanning from youth to the elderly and across various ethnic backgrounds.
    • Cleanses your scalp and hair, creating the ideal foundation for healthier, stronger hair.
    • Enriched with the benefits of plant-driven stem cells, antioxidants, and vitamins.
    • Designed to complement our shampoo, our conditioner is scalp and hair-friendly.
    • Our cutting-edge serum is crafted from natural ingredients acting at the heart of our products.
    • Your key to hair regrowth, stop hair loss, and scalp rejuvenation.
    • Enhance the effectiveness of our serum with the Derma Roller.
    • Derma roller aids in deep serum penetration, stimulating follicles and boosting blood flow.
    • Experience a holistic approach to hair care with Dr Hamid Hair Regrowth Full Package.
    • Your complete solution for promoting hair growth, stopping hair loss, and halting future hair issues.

    Discover the transformational power of natural ingredients, all conveniently packaged in one pack.

    How to
    Use Dr. Hamid Hair Regrowth Serum Package:

    recommend using the serum twice daily for optimal results. Here's a
    step-by-step guide:


    Using the Serum:

    Begin with a
    clean scalp. Ensure your hair and scalp are free from dirt and oils.

    Using the

    You are
    required to use the Derma-Roller every time before and after using the serum.

    You can also
    use the Derma-Roller alone at any time without applying the serum. The
    Derma-Roller stimulates your scalp, enhancing blood circulation and optimizing
    the absorption of nutrients contained in our special serum.

    the Derma-Roller:

    Ensure the
    derma-roller is clean and disinfected before use.

    Start with clean, dry hair and a
    clean scalp.

    Derma-rollers can be used in 3
    different ways by consumers:

    For people
    with no hair or a short haircut (less than 5mm in length): a. Gently roll
    the derma-roller over your scalp, applying light pressure. b. Roll
    horizontally, vertically, and diagonally to cover the entire scalp. c. Use the
    derma-roller in all directions to experience and feel the needles on your scalp
    in the form of superficial stimulation.

    For people
    with long hair (more than 5mm in length) with low density:  Use the
    derma-roller in the direction of hair growth gently and slowly. Requires
    experiencing and feeling the needles on your scalps in the form of superficial

    For people
    with long hair with low density or normal density:


    Using Dr.
    Hamid Hair Regrowth Serum: 

    Start by
    gently massaging your scalp with your fingers and hands to improve and increase
    blood circulation and prepare your hair follicles.

    Next, use the derma-roller as
    directed above.

    After derma-rolling, evenly
    spray the serum onto your dry scalp and hair roots; approximately 4-6
    sprays are sufficient.

    While applying the serum, use
    your index finger to spread it across your scalp gently.

    After spreading the serum, use
    the derma-roller again for at least one minute. This helps enhance serum
    absorption and stimulate hair follicles.

    A tip: Please do not use the
    whole finger or fingertips of all fingers or the palm of your hand because
    you will waste the products.

    these instructions, you can effectively use the Serum and Derma-Roller in the
    Serum Package to boost hair regrowth and maintain a healthy scalp and hair. If
    you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask.



    for Using the Shampoo:

    Achieve the
    best results with Dr. Hamid Hair Regrowth Shampoo by following these steps:

    Begin with wet hair. Apply a
    generous amount of the shampoo, making sure to cover your entire scalp and
    hair, from root to tip.

    Massage the shampoo into your
    hair and keep it on your scalp for at least 5 minutes. Proper massaging
    ensures that the shampoo's complex formula is fully effective.

    Leave the shampoo on for the
    recommended time, which is a minimum of 5 minutes, to allow it to work its

    Thoroughly rinse out the shampoo
    after the recommended time has passed.



    for Using the Conditioner:

    beautifully conditioned hair, follow these simple steps:

    After rinsing out the shampoo,
    apply a generous amount of Dr. Hamid Hair Regrowth Conditioner to your
    hair, ensuring that it covers your hair from root to tip.

    Massage the conditioner into
    your hair and scalp, allowing it on the scalp and hair for at least 3-5
    minutes to nourish and hydrate your hair deeply.

    Rinse the conditioner
    thoroughly, or if desired, you can leave it on for a longer period for
    added benefits.

    these instructions, you can effectively use the Full Package to promote hair
    growth, prevent hair loss, and maintain a healthy scalp. If you have any more
    questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask.