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Derma Roller

Derma Roller

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Elevate your hair regrowth journey with the Dr. Hamid Hair Regrowth Derma Roller. This specialized tool, designed to complement our hair care products, enhances hair follicle penetration, stimulates collagen production

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    Dr. Hamid Hair Regrowth Derma Roller 3.0mm

    Unlock the full potential of your hair regrowth journey with the Dr. Hamid Hair Regrowth Derma Roller. This specialized tool is designed to enhance the effectiveness of our hair care products, promoting thicker, more resilient hair.

    Key Features:

    • Optimal Penetration: The derma roller creates tiny microchannels on your scalp, ensuring that our hair regrowth products penetrate deeply and directly to the hair follicles, where they are needed most.

    • Stimulates Collagen Production: By gently stimulating collagen production in the scalp, the derma roller not only supports hair growth but also promotes overall scalp health.

    • Easy to Use: Designed for convenient home use, the derma roller is simple to incorporate into your hair care routine.

    • Enhances Blood Circulation: Improved blood circulation to the scalp aids in nutrient delivery to hair follicles, promoting hair health and vitality.

    • Suitable for All Hair Types: Dr. Hamid's Derma Roller is suitable for all hair types and is an excellent complement to your hair regrowth efforts.

    • Boosts Hair Growth: When used in conjunction with our hair regrowth products, the derma roller significantly boosts the effectiveness of our serum, leading to faster, more noticeable results.

    Enhance your hair regrowth journey with Dr Hamid Hair Regrowth Derma Roller, and experience the transformation of your hair. Discover thicker and healthier hair with each use.

        Begin with a clean scalp. Ensure your hair and scalp are free from dirt and oils.

        Using the Derma-Roller:

        You are required to use the Derma-Roller every time before and after using the serum.

        You can also use the Derma-Roller alone at any time without applying the serum. The Derma-Roller stimulates your scalp, enhancing blood circulation and optimizing the absorption of nutrients contained in our special serum.

        Preparing the Derma-Roller:

        Ensure the derma-roller is clean and disinfected before use.

        Start with clean, dry hair and a clean scalp.

        Derma-rollers can be used in 3 different ways by consumers:

        For people with no hair or a short haircut (less than 5mm in length): a. Gently roll the derma-roller over your scalp, applying light pressure. b. Roll horizontally, vertically, and diagonally to cover the entire scalp. c. Use the derma-roller in all directions to experience and feel the needles on your scalp in the form of superficial stimulation.

        For people with long hair (more than 5mm in length) with low density:  Use the derma-roller in the direction of hair growth gently and slowly. Requires experiencing and feeling the needles on your scalps in the form of superficial stimulation.

        For people with long hair with low density or normal density:

        •  Use the derma-rollers on the spot of hair loss with minimal moving but not rolling the derma-roller or tapping the derma-roller to the scalp without moving (the preferred method).
        • Feel and experience the needles on the scalps in the form of superficial stimulation.
        • Pay extra attention to areas with noticeable hair thinning or loss.
        • After use, clean the derma roller again and store it in a clean, dry place.